Content development

I’m a writer and sometimes journalist. Do you know what they say about content? They say “content is king”, because ‘they’ like words that don’t mean very much. But what is true is that people use the internet to find and digest stuff that interests them.

In the past, marketing went one way. Advertisers were employed to tell customers what they thought: “You like Vegemite” and “Smoking is good for you”. It’s not like that anymore. If you want to reach your customers, you have to give them stuff they actually want. Luckily, I mostly live inside the internet, so am well versed in what this “stuff” is.

I can help you with content in two ways:

  • Content strategy means putting in place some direction for the content. Maybe you or someone else will create it, but you want to know what “it” should be. I’ve created content strategies for long-term business outcomes, and for individual campaigns or projects. A content strategy is just me typing things into a document that describe the nature of the content, what it might look like, how to promote it, and how to get the most value out of it.
  • Content development is when I create some pretty tops writing that will keep people on your site/social media/verandah and convert them to become your customer/audience/husband. That might be your web content, a video script, email content, articles, blog entries, love letters or something else.

I’m an award-winning writer. My work has been in publications including The Guardian, Daily Life, Overland, The Age, the ABC and many others. My debut novel, The Paper House, has been called “one of the best books of 2016.” I was the inaugural winner of The Horne Prize (2016).