Social media management

Social media is a place where people like to hang out and send videos of cats to each other. I’ve been working in this space for seven years, which is about six hundred internet years, give or take.

During that time, I’ve done some interesting things. I set up the social media channels for Neighbours, and managed them for two years (this mostly involved uploading photos of Toadie). I ran social media accounts from pit straight at the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, where I took covert photos of John Travolta and watched a man jump the gantry on a motorbike. I watched night after night of X-Factor, Dancing with the Stars, My Kitchen Rules and Beauty and the Geek, running live-feeds to other viewers. I currently manage Kmart’s Facebook page, with its audience of 500,000+.

I can help you by managing your communities. That might mean (you can pick and choose):

  • scheduling your content
  • managing your customer service enquiries
  • reporting on activity
  • training your staff to manage the community
  • creating new social media channels for your business
  • something else, maybe with cake!

I have managed social media communities — some with audiences in excess of 1 million — for brands including:

  • Neighbours
  • Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix
  • Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix
  • Kmart
  • The X Factor
  • Dancing with the Stars
  • My Kitchen Rules
  • Beauty and the Geek