Web development

When I was 14 and in no way meeting boyfriends or other kinds of friends, I decided to learn how to write HTML. It was the 90s, so things were pretty crazy. I’ve been a web developer ever since. These days, I mostly work with WordPress, and the satellites around the Earth are the limit when it comes to its capabilities.

Using WordPress, I can build you:

  • a place to write your hopes and dreams
  • a business website that you can manage yourself
  • a way to promote yourself or your brand
  • an online store to sell your wares
  • a place for people to come and learn
  • a home for your cat videos

This isn’t an exhaustive list. WordPress is good for just about any kind of website you can imagine, and probably even some that you can’t.

I can also help you to maintain your existing WordPress site, if things have gone awry or your previous web developer has decided to live under the sea.

Let’s chat about developing websites

Recent Work


Allison Tait – Author [visit]

Web design, WordPress development including custom book plugin


Kilvington Grammar alumni [private]

WordPress development including member area, subscriptions, custom events and galleries, custom theme development


The Gin Queen [visit]

WordPress theme and template customisation, Woocommerce integration